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Ring of the Star Sprite


The Ring of the Star Sprite is the very first functional (benefit-providing) custom item added to the game. Its appearance resembles a silver dragonstone ring wherein the dragonstone appears to be infused with stardust. According to 2009scape lore, Star Sprites actually used to make these for fun as a sort of hobby and hand them out to adventurers just for fun, until one of the adventurers used the ring to teleport onto a star sprite's star as he was flying away and caused him to crash straight back into the ground.


It is obtained by bringing Ancient Blueprints, which you can find by mining shooting stars and turning in stardust, to a Star Sprite. The Star Sprite will then inform you that you need to provide some materials and will offer to make you the ring. In case you wanted to prepare ahead of time, here are the items needed to craft it:

  • Ancient Blueprints
  • Silver Bar
  • Cut Dragonstone
  • Ring Mould
  • 200 Stardust

Bringing these items to a Star Sprite will allow them to produce the ring for you.

Ancient Blueprint

The Ancient Blueprint is the key component to making the Ring of the Star Sprites, and is obtained at random while mining stardust. A little known fun fact is that the rocks you mine are actually little ships for the aliens that pop out of them. Other than making the ring, the blueprint serves absolutely no purpose. It would probably be a good idea, though, to keep it in your bank so that if you somehow lose your ring you can get another one made.

Ancient Blueprint Drop Rates

Task Rate
Star Level 9 1/250 per stardust
Star Level 8 1/500 per stardust
Star Level 7 1/750 per stardust
Star Level 6 1/1000 per stardust
Star Level 5 1/2000 per stardust
Star Level 4 1/3000 per stardust
Star Level 3 1/4000 per stardust
Star Level 2 1/5000 per stardust
Star Level 1 1/10000 per stardust
Handing in stardust 1/500


The ring has a few bonuses.

  1. Teleport to the currently active shooting star (once per day).
  2. While equipped, you have a higher chance to find gems while mining (same as Ring of Wealth).
  3. While equipped, a chance to get an extra bonus when turning in your daily stardust at the Star Sprite.

Star sprite bonuses are as follows:

Only one bonus can successfully roll, and they are rolled in order of first (1/3) to last (1/25), meaning to get the 1/25 you first have to fail the 1/3 and 1/5 rolls.

5 minutes extra mining bonus1/3Your ring shines dimly as if imbued with energy.
Chance to double random reward item1/5Your ring shines brightly as if surging with energy and then fades out.
Reset daily stardust turn-in1/25Your ring vibrates briefly as if surging with power, and then stops.

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