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Treasure Trails


Treasure trails are a fairly popular activity in which you follow a trail of clues, in the form of clue scrolls, to a casket at the end which you can loot for some very good potential rewards. With this being 2009scape, a lot of our coordinate clues are very different from OSRS and RS3, due to our map being different, so this page will aim to document the locations of all of our different coordinate clues, and perhaps serve a little bit more information as well.

About ::loc Data

Some of these images contain ::loc data. By entering the command ::loc while in game a player is shown their current coded location on the world map.

Coordinate Clues

As of 7 October 2022 this section is complete for all hard and medium clues on our server. New coordinate clues may be added in the future and if so you can help out by gathering more correct locations and adding them here!

Location Map (Standard definition)Location Image (High definition)Coordinates
(and nearby teleports)
00 degrees 05 minutes south
01 degrees 13 minutes east
Fairy Ring: CIQ
00 degrees 13 minutes south
13 degrees 58 minutes east
Amulet Of Glory: Karamja
Fairy Ring: BLP
00 degrees 18 minutes south
09 degrees 28 minutes east
POH Teleport (If POH in Brimhaven)
Fairy Ring: CKR
Charter Ship: Brimhaven
00 degrees 20 minutes south
23 degrees 15 minutes east
Lumbridge Home Teleport
00 degrees 30 minutes north
24 degrees 16 minutes east
00 degrees 31 minutes south
17 degrees 43 minutes east
01 degrees 18 minutes south
14 degrees 15 minutes east
01 degrees 26 minutes north
08 degrees 01 minutes east
01 degrees 35 minutes south
07 degrees 28 minutes east
Fairy Ring: CLS
02 degrees 43 minutes south
33 degrees 26 minutes east
02 degrees 48 minutes north
22 degrees 30 minutes east
02 degrees 50 minutes north
06 degrees 20 minutes east
Fairy Ring: DJP
03 degrees 35 minutes south
13 degrees 35 minutes east
03 degrees 45 minutes south
22 degrees 45 minutes east
04 degrees 00 minutes south
12 degrees 46 minutes east
04 degrees 13 minutes north
12 degrees 45 minutes east
05 degrees 43 minutes north
23 degrees 05 minutes east
05 degrees 50 minutes south
10 degrees 05 minutes east
06 degrees 00 minutes south
21 degrees 48 minutes east
06 degrees 31 minutes north
01 degrees 46 minutes west
06 degrees 58 minutes north
21 degrees 16 minutes east
07 degrees 05 minutes north
30 degrees 56 minutes east
07 degrees 33 minutes north
15 degrees 00 minutes east
08 degrees 03 minutes north
31 degrees 16 minutes east
08 degrees 11 minutes south
04 degrees 48 minutes east
08 degrees 33 minutes north
01 degrees 39 minutes west
09 degrees 35 minutes north
01 degrees 50 minutes west
09 degrees 48 minutes north
17 degrees 39 minutes east
10 degrees 45 minutes north
04 degrees 31 minutes east
11 degrees 03 minutes north
31 degrees 20 minutes east
11 degrees 05 minutes north
00 degrees 45 minutes west
11 degrees 33 minutes north
02 degrees 24 minutes west
11 degrees 41 minutes north
14 degrees 58 minutes east
12 degrees 28 minutes north
34 degrees 37 minutes east
13 degrees 46 minutes north
21 degrees 01 minutes east
14 degrees 54 minutes north
09 degrees 13 minutes east
15 degrees 22 minutes north
07 degrees 31 minutes east
16 degrees 03 minutes north
14 degrees 07 minutes east
16 degrees 07 minutes north
22 degrees 45 minutes east
16 degrees 31 minutes north
12 degrees 54 minutes east
16 degrees 35 minutes north
27 degrees 01 minutes east
16 degrees 43 minutes north
19 degrees 13 minutes east
16 degrees 43 minutes north
26 degrees 56 minutes east
17 degrees 50 minutes north
08 degrees 30 minutes east
18 degrees 22 minutes north
16 degrees 33 minutes east
18 degrees 50 minutes north
20 degrees 26 minutes east
19 degrees 43 minutes north
25 degrees 07 minutes east
20 degrees 05 minutes north
21 degrees 52 minutes east
20 degrees 33 minutes north
15 degrees 48 minutes east
21 degrees 24 minutes north
17 degrees 54 minutes east
22 degrees 35 minutes north
19 degrees 18 minutes east
22 degrees 45 minutes north
26 degrees 33 minutes east
24 degrees 24 minutes north
26 degrees 24 minutes east
24 degrees 56 minutes north
22 degrees 28 minutes east
24 degrees 58 minutes north
18 degrees 43 minutes east
25 degrees 03 minutes north
17 degrees 05 minutes east
25 degrees 03 minutes north
23 degrees 24 minutes east

7 October 2022 zencro

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Map Clues

This section is complete as of 11 October 2022 for all map scrolls on our server. In the future new map scrolls may be added and you can help out by gathering more correct locations and adding them here!

Scroll Location Images (click to expand)Map
Standard Resolution
High Definition

11 October 2022 Zencro

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Emote clue scroll items

As of 7 October 2022 this section is complete however new items may be added in the future and if so you can help out by adding any new ones you may find here!

This is a list of all possible items required to complete treasure trails “Emote” clue scrolls. Several of these items are (at the time of this writing) commented out from the code but may be included at a later date. There are 124 items in total.

Adamant 2h sword Coif Iron plateskirt Rune pickaxe
Adamant halberd Cream gnome robe top Iron warhammer Rune platebody
Adamant med helm Desert shirt Leather boots Rune platelegs
Adamant sq shield Diamond ring Leather chaps Rune warhammer
Air staff Elemental shield Leather gloves Sapphire amulet
Amulet of power Emerald amulet Longbow Sapphire ring
Black axe Emerald ring Maple longbow Snakeskin boots
Black cape Fire battlestaff Maple shortbow Snakeskin chaps
Black platebody Gold necklace Mithril chainbody Staff (normal/non-elemental)
Blue d'hide body Gold ring Mithril full helm Steel axe
Blue d'hide chaps Green d'hide body Mithril med helm Steel full helm
Blue d'hide vambraces Green d'hide chaps Mithril pickaxe Steel kiteshield
Blue gnome boots Green gnome boots Mithril platebody Steel longsword
Blue gnome robe top Green gnome hat Mithril scimitar Steel mace
Blue wizard hat Green gnome robe bottomsMystic gloves (Blue) Steel med helm
Bone dagger Green gnome robe top Mystic hat (Blue) Steel pickaxe
Bone spear HAM boots Mystic robe bottom (Blue)Steel platebody
Bronze 2h sword HAM robe bottom Oak longbow Steel square shield
Bronze axe Hard leather body Oak shortbow Studded leather body
Bronze chainbody Iron chainbody Pointed blue snail helmetStudded leather chaps
Bronze dagger Iron full helm Purple gloves Turquoise gnome robe bottoms
Bronze full helm Iron kiteshield Ring of dueling Unblessed silver sickle
Bronze platelegs Iron med helm Ring of life Uncharged amulet of glory
Bronze spear Iron pickaxe Ruby amulet Unenchanted tiara
Bronze square shield Iron platebody Ruby ring White apron
Brown apron Iron platelegs Rune full helm Wilderness cape

07 October 2022 zencro

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