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Achievement Diary guides

  • Karamja Diaryplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigKaramja Achievement Diary

    The Karamja Achievement Diary includes Tiers Beginner, Easy and Medium. It is fully complete in its current state.



    * Skills: 15 Agility, 40 minning, 40 fishing, 40+ combat recommended * Items: Rope, Pickaxe, 60gp, cage or harpoon.
  • Lumbridge Diaryplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigachievement_guides:lumbridge

    The Lumbridge Achievment Diary includes tiers Beginner, Easy and Medium. It is fully completable in its current state.



    * Skills: none * Items: pickaxe, bucket of water, 10gp (if Prince Ali Rescue quest is not completed).

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* God Wars Dungeon * Dagannoth Kings * Wilderness Revenants



* Agility Pyramid * All Fired Up * Barbarian Assault * Barbarian Fishing * Barrows * Brimhaven Agility Arena * Fight Caves * Fight Pits * Fishing Trawler * Fist Of Guthix * Gnome Restaurant * Mage Arena * Mage Training Arena * Ourania Altar * Pest Control * Puro-Puro * Pyramid Plunder * Sorceress's Garden * Vinesweeper * Warriors Guild

Other Activ…

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